I am now teaching at Act One Theatre School! I'm teaching voice for Willy Wonka! I've been able to work with over 200 kids 2-3 times a week. It's been a lot of fun and we hit the stage this next week. Check their site to get information on our performances in April. While teaching, I've had a recurring question.

Why do my students sing wrong notes?

The answer is simple.

Because I let them. This has been something I've focused on. As the students are singing for me it is my job to correct and teach them how not to get it wrong again. It's been a great process of helping me know how to correct them without making them feel bad or discouraged.

Vocal Health
Sore throats, and fevers, and coughs! Oh my!

There is much said on this subject and I only want to be brief. We all get that sick feeling and think it's not that bad and we sing or even talk through it. The best thing to do is to relax the voice. Too often singers keep going rather than stopping. My confession is that when I'm sick I don't practice but I sing a ton in the car or while listening to spotify. That's terrible! We need to rest our voices and even talking and especially whispering can cause fatigue. 

double caramel ice cream barThe best thing to do is over hydrate, sleep and get some ice cream. Hydration will help your overall health and your body knows how to fight well when it's taken care of with sleep as well. As for the ice cream it will soothe your throat and coat it up a little bit and your voice needs that extra cushion when it's already sore. So go get a box of Magnum bars and dream of being in Italy...

If you want to read more on vocal health check out this website. 

Musicians vs. Singers...Is there a difference?

My adventures at CMU have begun. I'm learning very quickly the ins and outs of being a grad student. It's a lot of work. But, music has always been my work.

About 5 years ago I was talking to my friend and she said that she wanted her kids to grow up as musicians not singers. I looked at her very confused and thought, I'm a very good musician. She then tried to clarify that she meant say instrumentalist not musician.

That is not the first time I've heard someone discuss that singers are not musicians. What does it mean to be a musician? A musician reads music, understands music theory and practices for hours on end.

With that, I've known a lot of singers who are not musicians. They are the ones that hear a song and then repeat back what they heard. When they are handed a piece of music they stare at it and then say, can you play the first line for me?
Don't question what's written in front of you.
Learn to sing it.
If you are that kind of singer, let's get you started on learning how to be a musician. I want to change this idea that singers aren't musicians. One of the first things to do get some basic music theory under your belt. A great resource for this is Free lessons on notes, intervals, chord progressions and more for whatever stage you are at.

My studio has moved 2,000 miles to Pittsburgh, PA!!!  I just moved to start my Master's in Music Education at CMU.  Although I am sad to leave Utah, I am very excited for the new opportunities here.    Pittsburgh has given a very warm welcome including poison ivy rash and a bike accident.  My sister says things happen in 3's... I sure hope not!

As school is starting out, now is the best time to start lessons.  Most schools are casting their musicals, getting choirs going, preparing talent shows and looking for a National Anthem singer for the big game!  You can be part of those things and with my help you'll feel confident and prepared to blow them away!

So sign-up for a FREE lesson to get started!
Last week was so much fun at Canyon View High School! Thanks for letting me come spend time with you guys. I see good things happening with the groups. I'm setting up times for FREE lessons this Saturday 10am - 1pm. Sign up here for your FREE lesson!
Hello, and welcome to the Belliston Music Studio blog!  I'm Matt Belliston, and I am excited to open a music studio in Cedar City, Utah!  Check out the rest of my blog for more info!